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OGM is a specialist strategic Federal marketing consultancy whose purpose is to help business owners and managers achieve their Federal marketing and business development objectives.

We add value for our clients by providing real clarity of thinking around which they are targeting and what their go-to-market proposition needs to look like to successfully compete.

The Global Manufacturing Competitiveness

The Global Manufacturing

The Global Manufacturing Competitiveness seeks to identify the greatest source of competitive advantage for manufacturers today and expectations for the future.

Global Manufacturing Industry group and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness have released a research report entitled Global Competitiveness Review.

Newcomer Economies To Gain Ground

The emergence of a new group of leaders in the manufacturing competitive index over the next five years. These include Mexico, Poland, and Thailand — countries not always considered alongside longer-up-and-comers like Brazil and Russia. Not unexpectedly, Asian giants like China, India, and the Republic of Korea are projected to dominate the index in five years, as they do now. Further, dominant manufacturing super powers of the late 20th century — the United States, Japan, and Germany are expected to become less competitive over the next five years.

Competing Seen As Easiest In Asia, Tougher In United States And Europe

To identified a clear geographical divergence in the perception of public policy support for competitiveness. Most respondents from China think that their government makes competitiveness easy compared to respondents in Europe and the United States, with 70 percent of them citing government support of science, technology, and innovation as advantageous.


By the U.S. Council on Competitivenes -The manufacturers have always been in the business of balancing trade-offs: revenue enhancement and cost containment; customization and standardization; competition and collaboration. What's new? The ever increasing complexity in which strategies are decided, plans implemented and decisions made. The value OGM bring to our clients is perspective — what we call 3D thinking. At member firms nationwide, OGM has a depth both functional and industry-specific, a reach both local and global and an understanding of the balance between concept and execution. With 3D thinking, the tangle becomes straight; the complicated becomes clear; the complex becomes simple. Perhaps most majority, what has been so difficult achieving meaningful growth becomes just a little easier. 

The Challenge of Complexity in Global Manufacturing: Trends in Supply Chain Management is the first part of global benchmark study of supply chain trends and issues. Here, OGM observe how intense pressure to reduce costs, innovate products and expand into Federal markets has manufacturing companies nationwide shifting production and spreading out supply chain and other operations well beyond their geography. OGM looks at the increasingly complex and fragmented supply chain environment, the implications on manufacturers, the resulting challenges and best practices. To date, more than 150 companies from Asia Pacific (65 percent), North America (35 percent) participated in the benchmark study. Industries represented include aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial and consumer products, life sciences, process, paper, chemicals, high technology and telecommunications equipment.

The ObOe Galaxy Management is always bringing an exciting new feature to the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the teaming to knowing Federal business strategy and market planning.

OGM professionals built a comprehensive survey of Federal definite business division, but also advisor resolved contract or contract products technologies, regulations and disciplines in a roomy Federal business marketing sector. OGM is a specialist strategic Federal marketing consultancy whose purpose is to assist business owners and managers achieve their Federal marketing and business development objectives. Federal marketing direct on an in profundity resource and valid experienced to decide a determination of marketing dispute. OGM works with our clients to prevent risk of losing an appropriate preference in Federal business marketing opportunity within new administration technologies, cost-productive and trouble-free project from start to the end. OGM providing high quality, professional marketing consultancy services at an affordable price. Implementing profitable business development solutions that are focused on delivering results through succeed and retaining government customers.

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