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OGM GSA IT Schedule 70 Professional Services

What's IT Schedule 70 Offers

IT Schedule 70 offers federal, state and local governments innovative solutions to their information technology needs. We understand that the procurement process can be daunting, so we work diligently to streamline the process and maximize results.
Below are IT Schedule 70's Solutions and Special Item Numbers (SINs) categorized based on government mandates, industry evolution, and buying trends that we have identified.
All of the items below are available to state, local, and tribal governments through the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Innovative information technology products, services and solutions 

IT Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to products, services and solutions from more than 5,000 certified industry partners.

Cloud IT Services

Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be quickly provisioned and released.

Cloud Email as a Service (EaaS)

Access your email from anywhere while maintaining security and reducing maintenance and infrastructure costs. Email as a Service (EaaS) saves government money while it supports a mobile workforce.

Computer and Networking Hardware

To support a robust IT infrastructure, IT Schedule 70 offers many options for agencies to obtain computer and networking hardware, including:
Desktop computers, Laptop computers, Computer peripherals, Tablets and notebooks, Servers, Routers and switches, Network monitoring tools, Wireless devices, Data storage devices and drives.
Applicable SINs:
•132-8: Purchase of New Equipment
•132-9: Purchase of Used or Refurbished Equipment
•132-12: Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/or Repair/Spare Parts.

Cyber Security
Our contracts help you comply with mandates and guidelines by supplying products and services that offer identity management, information assurance, and anti-virus support.

• 132-8: Purchase of New Equipment
• 132-9: Purchase of Used or Refurbished Equipment
132-12 Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/ or Repair/ Spare Parts
• IT Commodity Buy Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

Data Centers and Storage
IT Schedule 70 can meet your data center needs, including consolidation, modernization, and transformation; computer and network systems integration analysis and design; data center design; and disaster recovery. Many of our industry partners are self-certified as data center services providers.
• 132-8 Purchase of New Equipment
• 132-9 Purchase of Used or Refurbished Equipment
• 132-12 Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/ or Repair/ Spare Parts
• IT Commodity Buy Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM)
• 132-60A: Electronic Credentials, Not Identity Proofed
• 132-60B: Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed
• 132-60C: Digital Certificates, Including ACES
• 132-60D: E-authentication Hardware Tokens
• 132-60E: Remote Identity and Access Managed Service Offering
• 132-60F: Identity and Access Management Professional Services
• 132-61: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Services Provider (SSP) Program
• 132-62: HSPD-12 Product and Services Components

IT Mandates and Initiatives
Federal, state and local government agencies depend on IT Schedule 70 to provide the most advanced support in offerings for government mandates and Presidential initiatives such as:
• Data center consolidation - OMB 25 Point Plan
• Internet protocols (IPV6) solutions
• HSPD-12
• Cloud IT services - OMB 25 Point Plan

Satellite Services
Federal, state, and local governments rely on commercial satellite communications to maintain essential and secure communications, particularly for emergency responders, disaster recovery teams, and war fighters. Benefits include quick development for domestic emergency response communications, operations and service variety, and surge capacity for military communications.

SmartBuy Software: Commercial Software Solutions
Although SmartBuy serves the same user communities as Schedule 70, SmartBuy offerings are limited to SINs encompassing the areas of Software, Software Maintenance, and Professional IT Services. SmartBuy targets standardized, commercially available business software, using stringent technical requirements developed by subject matter experts from OMB lines of business.
• Term Software License
• Perpetual Software License
• Training Courses
Software and Applications
IT Schedule 70 offers a wide range of software and accompanying services through licensing agreements or as a service in the cloud. Examples include asset management, data management, financial management, and business intelligence.
• 132-32 Term software license
• 132-33 Perpetual software license
• 132-34 Maintenance of software as a service
• 132-50 Training courses
When it comes to green IT, GSA helps you optimize your operational performance and minimize implementation costs by addressing key areas:
• Footprint accountability
• Power management
• Power usage effectiveness
• Data center infrastructure efficiency
• Green IT products/material recycling
Systems Life Cycles Integration
GSA's technology procurement experts can help agencies meet their mission critical systems life cycle and integration requirements. GSA offers the following solutions:
IT Support
• Conversion and implementation
• Programming
• Project Management
• Resources and facilities management
• Data/records management
Wireless and Mobility
GSA offers a full range of end-to-end wireless solutions from mobile, fixed and broadcast services to applications such as emergency response, distance learning, internet access and much more:
• Voice Services
• Wireless Broadband
• Data Services
• Cellular Broadband Services
• Cell Phones
• PDAs
Telepresence immerses federal agencies in a true-to-life, virtual meeting experience that includes life-sized displays, dedicated high-speed connections, high-definition video, and directional audio.
Applicable SINs:
• 132-8 Purchase of New Equipment
• 132-9 Purchase of Used or Refurbished Equipment
• 132-12 Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/ or Repair/ Spare Parts
• 132-34 Maintenance of Software as a Service
• IT Commodity Buy Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

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