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Principle Laws of Civil Works/Environmental

Numerous environmental laws and executive ordersinfluence and guide water resources planning, development and management within the Civil Works. Many of these laws identify compliance requirements,and several establish regulatoryprograms that implements in support of National environmental objectives.

The Civil Works Program. Included in these profiles are legal citations, common names and summaries of the statutes

Ref: United States Code, Public Laws, Code of Federal Regulations, Thomas, Executive Orders, Corps of Engineers Regulations.

Applicability of the Laws and Executive Orders

Includes numerous laws and Executive Orders of varying relevance to the Civil Works program. Someare routinely applicable to everystudyor project depending on specific circumstances.

Compliance Checklist for Planning Documents

These essential eight laws are: 1) the National Environmental Policy Act; 2) the Endangered Species Act; 3) the Coastal Zone Management Act; 4)the Clean Water Act (Sections 401, 404r, 404b(1)); 5) the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act (Section 103); 6) the National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106); 7) the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act; and 8) the Clean Air Act.

Citations Used In Environmental Works

Public Law - The Public Law is a general classification of law. Public Laws are acts which relate to the public as a whole. When passed, theyare given a Public Law number and then given a Statutes at Large number. Then the law is codified in the United States Code (U.S.C.).Also, the legislative title of the amending laws maybe the same or different. In each instance however, a new Public Law number is assigned to the law. In addition, someof the amendments to a given law appear as parts of other laws not related to the "parent" law.

United States Code - The United States Code, Annotated (U.S.C.A.), is a more practical source of the text of laws that includes amendments todate. The Code contains a consolidation and codification of the general laws of the United States.

Statutes at Large (STAT) - Statutes at Large (STAT) is an official compilation of the acts and resolutions of each session of Congress. It is published bythe Office of the Federal Register in the National Archives and Records Service.

Code of Federal Regulations - Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)is the annual accumulation of executive agency regulations published in the dailyFederal Register, combined with regulations issued earlier that are still in effect.

Federal Register - Federal Register (F.R.):Federal agencies publish documents in the Federal Register. The F.R. and the C.F.R. publications must be used together to determine the latest version of anygiven rule. The F.R. is published dailyand includes texts of new agencyrules and regulations, proposed rules and regulations, and a calendar of the meetings and proceedings of rule-making bodies.

List of Affected Principle Executive Orders/Civil Works-Environmental

Executive Order 11472 - Establishing The Environmental Quality Council And The Citizens' Advisory Committee On Environmental Quality. Executive Order 11514 - Protection And Enhancement Of Environmental Quality. Executive Order 11593 - Protection And Enhancement Of The Cultural Environment. Executive Order 11735 – Assignment Of Functions Under Section 311 Of The Federal Water Pollution Control Act, As Amended. Executive Order 11987 – Exotic Organisms. Executive Order 11988 - Floodplain Management. Executive Order 11990 - Protection Of Wetlands. Executive Order 11991 - Relating To Protection And Enhancement Of Environmental Quality. Executive Order 12088 - Federal Compliance With Pollution Control Standards. Executive Order 12114 - Environmental Effects Abroad Of Major Federal Actions. Executive Order 12148 - Federal Emergency Management. Executive Order 12555 - Protection Of Cultural Property. Executive Order 12580 - Superfund Implementation. Executive Order 12780 - Federal Agency Recycling And The Council On Federal Recycling And Procurement Policy. Executive Order 12843 – Procurement Requirements And Policies For Federal Agencies For Ozone-Depleting Substances. Executive Order 12844 - Federal Use Of Alternative Fueled Vehicles. Executive Order 12856 - Federal Compliance With Right-To-Know Laws And Pollution Prevention Requirements. Executive Order 12873 - Federal Acquisition, Recycling, And Waste Prevention. Executive Order 12898 - Federal Actions To Address Environmental Justice In Minority Populations And Low-Income Populations. Executive Order 12948 - Amendment To Executive Order No12898239Executive Order 12962 – Recreational Fisheries. Executive Order 13007 – Indian Sacred Sites. Executive Order 13016 - Amendment To Executive Order No 12580244Executive Order 13057 - Federal Actions In The Lake Tahoe Region. Executive Order 13061 - Federal Support Of Community Efforts Along American Heritage Rivers. Executive Order 13080 - American Heritage Rivers Initiative Advisory Committee. Executive Order 13084 - Consultation And Coordination With Indian Tribal Governments. Executive Order 13089 – Coral Reef Protection. Executive Order 13093 - American Heritage Rivers, Amending Executive Order 13061 and13080. Executive Order 13101 - Greening The Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, And Federal Acquisition. Executive Order 13112 - Invasive Species. Executive Order 13123 - Greening The Government Through Efficient Energy Management. Executive Order 13134 - Developing And Promoting Biobased Products And Bioenergy. Executive Order 13141 - Environmental Review Of Trade Agreements. Executive Order 13148 - Greening The Government Through Leadership In Environmental Management. Executive Order 13149 - Greening The Government Through Federal Fleet And Transportation Efficiency. Executive Order 13158 – Marine Protected Areas. Executive Order 13175 - Consultation And Coordination With Indian Tribal Governments. Executive Order 13178 - Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve. Executive Order 13186 - Responsibilities Of Federal Agencies To Protect Migratory Birds. Executive Order 13195 – Trails For America In The 21st Century. Executive Order 13196 - Final Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve.

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